Olga Kay

Olga Kay (née Czik) was born in 1926 in the town of Ujfeherto, Hungary, the ninth of ten siblings. The family, which was observant, was supported by her father Eliyahu’s shoe store. Her brothers studied in Heder, and on Sundays they learned Hebrew.

 At liberation, Eva was extremely sick, and died in Bergen-Belsen. Olga’s sisters Adele and Bori survived in the Ravensbrück camp. After the war, Olga and Bella were taken to Sweden to recuperate. From there they immigrated to New York, where Olga met her husband and started a family. “When my daughter Evelyn was born, my first thought was: This is my victory over Hitler. We have returned from the ashes.” In 1985, Olga and her family followed their daughter to live in Israel. Olga and George z”l have two daughters, five grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren.